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Please refer to the Guidelines document on the Belfast Harbour Community Awards webpage for more information on the assessment criteria and eligibility before progressing with your application.
We aim to support a variety of sizes of organisations and aim to be as flexible as possible to have a positive impact on communities and in order to deliver this we hope you can fulfil some initial queries.

Please tick box if your organisation has a bank account

Upload Board Members

Board Members of the charity organisation


Upload Accounts

Audited accounts is preferred but if you do not have these available an income/expenditure sheet should be uploaded.

If you haven’t completed or cannot complete all of the above sections you will not be able to submit your application to the Belfast Harbour Community Awards.


Contact at Organisation

Please tick box if you are a registered charity

Date of organisation establishment

Which categories does this project address?

Funding Request

Please specify the maximum amount you require to deliver the project or activity detailed in the application form.


Your Budget

Please provide as much detail as possible, including approximate costs of materials, venue hire, event production etc.

Your Proposal

Please provide a summary of your organisation. Please include some information around the organisations vision, the services it provides, and the people who are involved and benefit from your organisations' work. (Max 150 words)

words left

Please provide a summary of the specific programme or activity, including its name/title (if applicable), timeline (including start and finish dates and activity plans. (Max 150 words)

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Please provide a description of your target audience and the people who will benefit from your programme or activity. (Max 100 words)

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How does your proposal align with Belfast Harbour's responsible business priorities, as outlined by the award categories (supporting employability & skills; supporting our environment; supporting communities. (Max 200 words)

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Please specify the targets and objectives for the programme or activity, the intended impact and positive change it will provide for the individuals or communities involved. (Max 200 words)

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Please provide details of the location of your organisation, and the location of the programme/activity, if different. (Max 100 words)

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Please provide details of other sponsors or funders involved in the project, if applicable. (Max 100 words)

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Please provide details of strategies relating to the launch, advertising and promotion of the programme or activity, and a description of any marketing / promotional opportunities available to Belfast Harbour as a programme sponsor. (Max 150 words)

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Please describe the strategy for selecting or attracting participants for your programme or activity. (Max 100 words)

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Please ensure that you have completed all relevant fields before clicking on the submit button, once clicked your request will be submitted and cannot be edited.

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